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Build A Human-Centered Business,
Watch Your Business Thrive

Understand your employees and their needs
Create a more human-centred approach to your business where everyone can thrive being who they are

improve your business throughput and ROI by leveraging your employees’ preferred mental processes – bringing you success by utilizing their strengths

Help your employees harness their full potential through understanding their contrasting and complementary cognitive preferences

Build a productive and healthy work environment for your employees to produce their best work – leading to a more efficient workforce and bringing you better results


Meet the Experts

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Robin Nemesszeghy is fascinated by the complexities of the human mind and has studied Myers-Briggs personality typology (MBTI) for over 10 years. In 2022, she founded her own business that combines coaching, consulting, and training to help both businesses and individuals achieve their potential through understanding their contrasting and complementary cognitive preferences. Since then, she has worked with companies to successfully hire and place their employees.

Companies such as Dencar and Leadership Industries consult with Robin regularly to improve communication throughout their business by identifying each individual employee’s preferred mental processes in order to learn how to best utilize each of their strengths and preferences.

Robin has a passion for helping companies seeking to create a more human-centered approach to their business who are committed to continual growth.

Robin Nemesszeghy

Robin Nemesszeghy

Personality Type Expert & Founder of Personality Solutions

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Discover Yourself,
Elevate Your Life

improve your productivity and job satisfaction by leveraging your preferred mental processes

Optimize your brain and learn how you and others best communicate

Find Happiness by learning how you and others can meet your needs, and how you can meet theirs